SL Blogger Meetup Announced – This Saturday 1pm @ Basilique

One of the key insights from the SL blogger’s survey I conducted earlier this summer was that bloggers wanted to get together ‘in-the-pixel’ to meet and chat together in world. Well, let’s do it! I’m teaming up with Lyrical Ember to host the first SL Blogger Support Meetup, at my region: Basilique! We’ll meet at Harvey’s Bar (SLurl), pictured above and our topic will be: “Project Sansar: Are SL bloggers ready?”

To help keep the discussion organised, I’ll run the 2-hour event using Basilique Chat Salon Rules. I know, it might at first seem strange to have rules for a discussion, but I can assure you from my experience in running these weekly events for my own community for over a year now, they really help, and people love these chats! I hope you can make it!


Lyrical on the Mercuzio Pier, Basilique


Here are the chat guidelines (which we’ll re-distribute at the chat when you arrive):

First, I’ll clarify what I mean with the question (e.g. “Project Sansar: Are SL bloggers ready?”)

The chat will be held in text. You are welcome to join us as a listener or participant. You don’t have to speak in front of everyone if you don’t want to.

Participants take turns to chat clockwise. You will have up to 5 minutes to share your uninterrupted views on the question. You don’t need to take all 5 minutes if you don’t want to. When you are finished, please let everyone know by saying you’re “Done”. Then, we’ll use the next 5 minutes to discuss or respond to your comments among the group.

You’re welcome to prepare your views in advance, but it’s not necessary. Often, views change during the course of the discussion. If you choose to share your views by copy-paste, please be considerate to people’s whose first language is not English, and paste your views in readable chunks (not walls of paragraph text).

Should you not wish to contribute, simply let the hosts (Lyrical or me) know you’ll be passing and we’ll skip your turn.

Things work best if everyone lets the person speaking have their 5 minutes (should they want it), and we save questions and comments for the next 5 minutes. PLEASE DON’T INTERRUPT anyone during their 5 minutes. I know this can be hard, but many say it’s their favourite aspect of these types of events!

Also, during the chat (1pm to 3pm SLT) please keep greetings (“Hi”, “Bye”, “Welcome Back”, and “Be Right Back”s) to a minimum. One “Hi” will compel everyone to return your greeting, causing a big interruption in the flow of discussion. This can feel odd at first, but thanks for understanding.

We’ll keep our discussion respectful, even if we disagree. Feel free to disagree with what’s said, but please don’t attack the person saying it.

Most of all, have fun, be free to speak your mind, and bring whoever you like to join us!

Featured image by Huckleberry Hax.


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