How to participate in SL Blogger Support in 2016

We’ve made some big plans for 2016. With those plans, we’re seeking participation from members. This post is all about those opportunities and how to get involved this year!

Photoshop Guru. Do you dream in filters and layers? We’re looking for someone who knows their way around Photoshop (and other graphic tools). This person will keep our links to image processing tutorials up to date. You don’t have to do any image manipulation. We just need to know what is quality and general advice, and what’s out of date.

Article Guest Writers. Do you have something you can teach the blogger community? We have made a topic list that you can look at and write about on a guest writer basis. We’re looking for clear writers with an interest in photography, destinations, and marketing. We’ll look to promote talented guest writers into regular contributors. Guru. Are you a power Blogger user? I don’t mean a generic blogger, but Google’s Blogger platform. We need to balance our tutorials with someone who is well-versed in Blogger.

Meet-up Hosts. We’re running four types of meet-ups this year. We’re going to have photo field trips where we’ll explore destinations together. We’ll have inventory workshop parties. We’ll have organised discussions. We’ll also have social events where we can just hang out or dance. There will be something for everyone. To run these events, we’ll need meet-up hosts to lead different events.

Member Administrators. If you’re more of a behind-the-scenes person, you might want to help us with membership admin. This role involves approving new members and ensuring members sustain eligibility.

Designer / Event / Blogger Liaison. We’re looking for help in putting bloggers, events and designers together. You’ll help us keep the connection pages up to date.

Support Team. We are looking for two people to join the Support Team. As a support team member, you’ll help us administer the group and help us with our tasks (described below).

At present, the roles that make up the support team are:

Owner: Katya Valeska. Katya leads and develops SL Blogger Support by finding the right people to work as part of the team. She also handles getting Early Access for events.

Officers: Asthenia Pinazzo and me, Canary Beck. Right now, I’m focused on building a new website for the SLBS. After that, I’ll assume the role of Editor-In-Chief on the new blog. I’ll  focus on

  • recruiting and vetting Guest bloggers,
  • getting Contributors to blog on a consistent basis,
  • managing an editor calendar,
  • and keeping an eye on post and site quality assurance.

Group Moderators: Currently this includes all Team members, but members tend to get help from:

  • Ember Adored
  • Harlow Heslop
  • Kaelyn Alecto
  • And Kitty O-Toole

They’re focused on moderating group chat, helping members when needed.

Article Contributors: In 2015, these folks included (in order of post activity)

  • Canary Beck (18)
  • Caitlin Tobias (10)
  • Wendz Tempest (5)
  • Katya Valeska (3)
  • Kitty O’Toole (1)
  • Inkie Loudwater (1)
  • and Finn (1)

Designer /Event / Blogger Liaisons: These people drive what most bloggers do. They connect bloggers with creators, seek early blogger access to events, and they handle event notifications. Folks in this area include

  • Scarlett Loxingly
  • Lucie Bluebird
  • Ember Adored

Members-at-large: That’s you! As a member of SL Blogger Support, we welcome you to get show your interest in many of the above roles. Complete this form and let us know how you’d like to take part!


One Comment on “How to participate in SL Blogger Support in 2016

  1. I’m very conscious that I need to contribute more to this amazing group, and I will certainly endeavor to do more in 2016. (RL work is getting in the way though, for example, I’ve always been vocal about meetings and the last two have been when I couldn’t attend which is so chuffing annoying but alas, I need to pay the bills in RL as well as SL. I WILL get to one, I’m sure of it!)
    It is deffo worth my saying thanks again to everyone involved in this absolutely fantastic resource, and if you’re reading this and considering applying to be a part of the team then DO IT! There’s a great bunch of people here behind the scenes and it’s an honor to be a part of such an esteemed enterprise:)

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