Location in the Spotlight: The Yorkshire Moors

For this blogpost in my series of Location in the Spotlight I have visited and explored the gorgeous, somewhat bleak and barren, home of PinkRayne – and Rayne Coutures, called The Yorkshire Moors.

Recently redecorated into this lovely scenic environment, I wanted to give this place some attention, since it is awesome for photography! I have asked Pink to tell us some more about The Yorkshire Moors, and hope this will inspire you to go visit!


Asking Pink where the name and inspiration for The Yorkshire Moors come from, she told me “The Yorkshire Moors homestead is inspired by my rl home, my first life love: the flawed, bleak and breathtaking Yorkshire Moors, UK. The Brontë family wrote many classic novels about this beautiful landscape, most famously ‘Wuthering Heights’, and I was inspired to recreate this unique, vast and rural landscape so that I could share my passion with the people of Secondlife.

Pink adds “My heart and soul has gone into this work, it was a very special project for me, and I hope that people will enjoy spending time here as much as I enjoyed bringing my interpretation to life.”

(note: more information about  the Brontë family here)

Out on the wiley, windy moors

By Claudia Orsini

And how did this all started?

Pink doesn’t need to think that long “Since I got my sim, it’s been a beach, a few forests, and several landscapes. Every time I created something new on my homestead, I found I was unfulfilled, never happy with the environment I had created. One weekend I went for a walk on the moors in rl, and whilst I was there I had an epiphany. Right there and then I decided I would turn my homestead into the landscape that holds a piece of my heart in real life.

I was going to recreate the Yorkshire Moors in Second life, and as soon as I got home I started the process”

“Finally, after 2 years of feeling unsatisfied and frustrated with the environments I’d created, the Yorkshire Moors was born. I realise now that I was able to make something so special because I was inspired, and had given a little piece of my heart and soul to the project.” ~ Pink

Asked for her own favourite spot, she is says “My favourite spot has to be the the little boat and rocks set up on the far side of the sim. It’s simple and serene, and I go there to sit and think 🙂

And now for the photographers and bloggers, who want to know this, I asked: people can only rez their props,  for photography,  after they join the store/land-group (for a small  fee of 200 LS ),  for how long can you rez? Also…do you have any anecdote or bizarre objects you have found – we like juicy stories!

Pink “You can rez for as long as you like, and I haven’t found anything weird just yet! Watch this space! I did, however, receive a notecard once, to complain that *shock horror* a female avatar cammed her bf!

Also, Pink wants to add, for bloggers/photographer who have special requirement or questions for a photoshoot, they can always drop her a notecard, as her IM’s get capped, and she will be happy to work things out!

On the right path

By Chazzrs

And, Pink, anything people should know when they visit The Yorkshire Moors?

“I hope that you enjoy the sim and get a feel for the rl Yorkshire Moors here. I would love for you to post any pics into my Flickr group, I’m always astounded by people’s talent and the many ways they photograph the sim!”

“For a rl insight into the moors, visit the little lighthouse and there are pictures adorning the walls of my inspiration” ~ Pink

Finally, before thanking Pink for taking the time to answer my questions AND for opening her sim for all of us to enjoy, I asked her for her own favourite photo she took of her place, to which she said she had not one – but her favourite at this moment is this gorgeous photo by Kate Bergdorf:

Road Turning

By Kate Bergdorf

SLURL: The Yorkshire Moors
Flickr: The Yorkshire Moors

One afterthought, as I have used embedded images from Flickr that are not my own photos, in case you wonder if that is okay?
Yes it is, as I have explained in this article about using Flickr, all the images embedded in this article had the permissions set so I could make direct links – and I did not upload them. For this post, I decided to use those wonderful pics already available on Flickr, they are magnificent, right?!


7 Comments on “Location in the Spotlight: The Yorkshire Moors

  1. Reblogged this on Cait's World and commented:

    After I recently featured this sim on my own blog here, I decided it was a great location for SL Blogger Support too and had a lovely interview with Pink; and featured some great photo’s made by fellow SL residents!

  2. It is gorgeous, I love the sounds of the wind whistling, the sheep and geese, the general atmosphere and the lovely little nooks and crannies with a fox here or a set there, The swing is a particularly nice touch♥

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