Bloggers and creators, you are invited!

The other week Katya and I attended a very interesting discussion hosted by Kess Crystal and Saffia Widdershins, at the Home and Garden Expo, about why creators would need bloggers and mostly:  how to find the right blogger for the right creator and vice versa.

A hot topic, as it was about mutual expectations, disappointments, frustrations and how to find each other for a perfect combination.
Now, the discussion didn’t really focus on fashion-blogging as such, but in this case it was focused on buildings and decor-items – it is the Home and Garden Expo after all – and mainly the struggle these particular creators have in finding bloggers who really feature their products and not ‘just use them as an anonymous backdrop for a new dress or shoes‘.

Not easy, and understandable frustrations happen when it comes to blogging Home and Garden items.

Callin' all Bloggers - II

Plenty of seats!


Since the discussion was good but time was short, as it goes with these events, the organisation – Kess and Saffia -, were so kind as to plan a follow up session/discussion during the Home and Garden Expo and you, bloggers (and creators!),  are more than welcome to join.

The discussion will be held tomorrow,  Friday 4 March at 2PM SLT in the Home and Garden Auditorum, and will be lead by Kess and Saffia.
It will be in voice – so make sure you can at least listen (speaking is not mandatory, you can talk back in text in local chat – no worry!) and you are very welcome to attend and share your views and ideas!

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Home and Garden Expo!




2 Comments on “Bloggers and creators, you are invited!

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    Read more about the second Home and Garden Expo Bloggers Discussion which takes place tomorrow 4th March at 2pm slt. SL Blogger Support will be there and I’m sure it will be a lively and interesting conversation. I hope to see many of my blogging friends and creators there!

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    A post on SL Blogger Support, to invite all bloggers and creators – for a discussion on blogging Home and Garden items and how to find eachother!

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