Bear with us

The reason for this blogpost (which is an almost direct copy of a notecard I sent inworld to our group a few weeks ago),  from me, being one of the Team Members who  manages this group, the website and everything that comes with it, is to explain something important.

We, the team, are very much aware that things are not going as smooth as we want. We have had to deal with missing team-members, real life events happening and a huge! increase of applications to this wonderful group of awesome bloggers. And: yay to new bloggers!

In order to keep stuff transparent and fair, I would like to point out..or explain rather, why some processes aren’t going as fast as we currently wished they would.

We battle to speed up applications for new members. Every day.

We admit we have a backlog on that.
You see, we file all new applications in database and then check them, manually, just to be sure a new member is *really* a new member. This means we need time. Time to check the information as given, and then time to invite them and explain our group rules.

Though this seems a simple process, believe is not difficult,  but it is time consuming and it has proven to be needed. So many people apply, without having a (active)  blog or Flickr/YouTube, they just apply to  get the sneak previews and early accesses to the events and often they apply many times (the socalled ‘duplicates’).

And we aren’t talking 3 applications a week. No, make that +60. Per week. It adds up like a mad thing.

Bear with us 2

So yep. Besides us living our own Second Life and doing what we do – just like you, we check all applications. All. Everyone. Their blog, their Flickr, their profile and to rule out they are already a group member or if they have been banned for some reason in the past – in which case we review that too!

Now, since we got somewhat understaffed due to Team Members leaving, we have recruited new staff and we found them! Yay!

Currently we are working hard to get them to be in the know..and how to do all the things we do, for you!, behind the scenes.

This doesn’t mean we are up-to-date instantly and in a day. Again, this takes time.

What does NOT help is: keep asking, by IM, notecards, Tweets, Facebookposts, Plurks and whatnot hunt down any of the Team members to speed up procedures – often on behalf of someone else.

It will not work to harass us, call us names, send us a gazillion notes and IM’s to follow those up etc. in order to get someone – a friend, yourself, your Meeroo – being invited as a member.
We ONLY handle applications that are filled in by the actual owner/author on the blog that is mentioned in the application.

Yes..yes..we are aware of the backlog. We are working our virtual asses off to get through the list of applications, we really do. And yes…we are so sorry we have  had to ask bloggers to apply again, all because well … reasons.
And yes, be assured we know. WE.KNOW. And we feel bad about it already.

Of course we are always  open to suggestions and questions and feedback, but please…can we keep it civil and friendly? We are here for you, for support and help. Shouting at us will NOT help. It will not help you, your Meeroo nor you or your friends blog.

Happy blogging  and thank you for understanding and patience!


4 Comments on “Bear with us

  1. As a former staff member, I can attest to the task they have had to handle and with fewer staff than they have now. While it was an honor to serve for the time I did, it wasn’t without its hiccups, backlogs or issues.

    I think you guys are doing a wonderful job and I hope things get better for you. Kudos to all you do to make this whole process easier for everyone! ❤

    • Clarification: As a former staff member of another popular site and workgroup that is just like this one. Not for SL Blogger Support. LOL

  2. As the creator of this wonderful group, I’ve gone it go up from 25 members up to 100, to 300, to 500…the day it hit over a 1000 I was floored. I know that I’m not as active as I’d like to be, and I love the Team with all my heart. They work their asses off and you guys are outstanding. Thank you for all you do.

  3. I know I absolutely understood while it was my turn to wait to get in, and I am so glad for it. This is a great website and enjoyable community. Thank you for all you do for SL blogging.

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