Location in the Spotlight: [Elysion]

In my series of ‘Location in the Spotlight’ I always look for places that are blogger/photography friendly and easily accessible – in most cases this means I feature sims that are open to the general public and usually M or G rated, though sometimes I write about the occasional Adult rated place (like Binemist).

This time I have chosen to feature a gorgeous location, [Elysion], which is not only Adult rated but also a ‘members only’ place. Meaning, you need to join the [Elysion]  group, and pay a fee of 650 LS)  to enter the sim.

Why do I put such a place in the spotlight for bloggers?
Because it is a beautiful location, it is very blogger- and photographer friendly and Adult isn’t a scary rating, as you will read in the interview I had with [Elysion] owner Syn Beresford.

Old Pine

Old Pine by Marshall Booth

‘Hi Syn, and thank you for taking the time for this interview! Could you, in a nutshell, tell us what the name  [Elysion]  means and/or why your sim is called that?’

Syn smiles and educates me: ‘The Name Elysion  is from Classical Greek Myth & Legend which essentially means – A place or condition of ideal happiness’.

Ah right! (I should have googled eh?!  So.  Could you tell me a bit about the background of  [Elysion] ? (how it all started or what gave you the inspiration?)

Syn tells me Elysion started in 2013. It began in a small skybox and as the memberbase started to build up, eventually we landed on Les Reves sim some two years ago.  I would say the biggest inspiration for Elysion (or Ely as I call it) , was to create a  warm and welcoming place where people would come socialize,  meet new friends and enjoy good music.  Sometimes it is very hard in Second Life  to find a place where you feel welcomed, so  a part of my hope was for Elysion to be a place where everyone feels welcomed and accepted.’

My own personal favorite spot at [Elysion]  would have to be the Lighthouse, while the location is not generally used for events, it’s a spot I enjoy sitting at while working on other locations around the sim.  I feel its almost a iconic part of the sim,  and is one of the few spots on the sim that has remained relatively the same over two years time.
I have a tendency to change the sim regularly, just because I enjoy making changes, coming up with new fun and relaxing spots for members to explore and make memories, and of course photographs ~ Syn about her favourite spot on Ely

I asked Syn ‘People can rezz their props, after they join the group, what are the costs and for how long can you rezz?
[Elysion] Sunday morning

Syn takes a sip of her wine, it wine o’clock after all and explaines ‘People are free to rezz items, needed for their photos.  There is no time-limit  (nor auto-return). I just simply ask people to pick up their items once they are finished. If items are left I generally do a return daily.  The current join fee for [Elysion] is 650L, this fee is a one-time fee. This not only helps support the cost of the sim, but  as long as the member remains in the group this allows them to  access the entire island, our parties (themed or otherwise), the performance art (such as the Luxe Girls Burlesque Shows), White Pines Gallery Exhibits (which features works from the talented artists and photographers in our group) ánd photography challenges located on a secondary sim, which is open only to Elysion members.’


[Elysion] Distillery - III

The Distillery venue, an event that happens regularly

That is actually wonderful, so much benefits as a member! But…. ‘Can bloggers/photographers contact you in case they have special requirements for a photoshoot on [Elysion]?’
Syn ‘Oh Yes! I always encourage members if they have any questions to please feel free to contact me, via IM or Notecard. ‘

Okay….’let’s talk about sex, since this is an Adult location and well…people may be feeling shy.
Anything people should know when they visit, specifically perhaps since this is an Adult rated sim and accessible to members only – things like: is sex necessary or do I need to be naked?’

Syn has to smile and explains:
There are no special requirements in regards to how people choose to spend their time while at Elysion.
Many members use the sim for a variety of reasons. Everything from hiding away while AFK, photography, enjoy parties,  to extra fun adult activities.
The adult rating for the sim was chosen to allow an adult friendly environment. There are no requirements as to a general sim dress code at Ely, (some events held on the sim, will require a themed attire, but those are always announced in advance) nudity is welcomed and permitted.  Sex is not a required or a  necessary component of membership.’

Well Syn, thank you very much for taking the time to answer all these questions! Is there anything you want to add?

Syn:  ‘First, I would like to say a very special thank you for featuring Ely! Elysion over the past three years has grown and evolved, and will continue to do so, to meet the needs of members and remain a place for the people of the Second Life Community to enjoy!

I have been very fortunate to receive an amazing level of support from generous, talented, kind, and overall fantastic members in the Elysion group.
Elysion has helped me meet and make new friends, and I look forward to meeting and making lots more 🙂 ‘

Last but not least, I asked Syn what her own favourite photo of Elysion is, one she made herself and this one..is indeed awesome and I also used it as banner image for this article.

Elysion by Syn Beresford

[Elysion]  by Syn Beresford



SLURL to [Elsyion]
[Elysion] Flickr Group






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  1. What a nice article! The sim looks lovely and seems like a great place to relax and reflect. Once again, thanks for sharing another great location!

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