“Take off those No-colored glasses” – by R. Crap Mariner

Happy to annouce that R. Crap Mariner (Crap.Mariner) is the first in our new series of guest-bloggers! According to his own SL Profile: ‘I am a sentient clockwork mechanism, manufactured for The Great Exposition of 1851. Various inventors and scientists have tried to improve upon my original plans, but have only twisted and damaged me further.
Crap has his – Secondlife – home in Edloe and is the founder of 100 words stories. His blog is retired but he uses Flickr to tell us about his ideas and views.


Hi there. Caitlin asked folks for helpful advice for bloggers, and I want to tell you a little story about getting over yourself…
Long ago, I used to do some SL Birthday stuff, but things got a bit strained between that crowd and me. I took a few years off from the lag-fest, but during SL13B, I challenged myself to photograph all of the exhibits, stages, and the auditorium. It’s neat to see how some communities grow and challenge themselves to create a new and inviting and informative space, while others rez the same old junk.
‘Take off those No-colored glasses and work around it. Listen and think, and not just about yourself.’ ~ R. Crap Mariner

There happened to be an interview going on at the auditorium (did Anthony do a great job with that place or what?). Well, half of an interview. The interviewer’s on my block list, but whatever! I listened to the interviewee. Interesting stuff. I stuck around for a few other interviews. One was Jessica Lyon of Firestorm.

Okay, sure. I’ll stay for that. Been a while since I heard her.

In that interview, Jessica mentioned their Firestorm Gateway Community, and how she wanted more events there.

The hanging bed
I said something from the audience, and she said I should do my own stuff there.

Well, there’s a problem with that. Gateways are G-rated, while my material isn’t.

But, I know some folks who specialize in clean material.

I checked in with Caledonia Skytower of Seanchai Library, who present spoken word content throughout the week that would be a good introduction of spoken word to new users.

She’d recently run the Storytellers Sandbox as part of their Linden Endowment for the Arts project, and it would be a good sampler for new users.

We put together a plan, presented it to the Firestorm folks, hammered out a few details, and we agreed on running with this project.

So, in spite of all the negatives:

– Archiving some repetitive and dull builds.
– My dislike of the interviewer.

– My material being inappropriate for the gateway.

Getting ready for stories...

A project is coming together.Why?

– I wanted to learn about other communities and projects in SL..
– I listened to the interviewees to hear what they had to say.

– I turned a bad match into an opportunity for others.

Now, we’re working on a Spoken Word Project as part of the Firestorm-Seanchai partnership.

We’re building up useful resources for storytellers, new users, and others, and we’re running our first test event on August 7th with the Storytellers Sandbox there. When there’s no events, we’ve built a whole Second Life Arts catalog on the official Wiki for users to find cool things to see, hear, and do.

If you just focus on the negative, that’s all Second Life will ever be. Just an endless SLSecrets whinefest.

Take off those No-colored glasses and work around it. Listen and think, and not just about yourself.

Cool things may happen.

~ R. Crap Mariner



6 Comments on ““Take off those No-colored glasses” – by R. Crap Mariner

  1. Best… avatar… name… EVER!

    Seriously, I can vouch for what you’re saying. Synergies occur when you step away from how you think things ought to be and really work with others (not working AROUND them). And synergies are where all the surprises in artistic and literary work hide.

    A good author (and all of us in SL who have any sort of persona are authors, every minute we spend chatting through our avatars) knows that the very best dialogue is a group effort, and goes its own way, not according to a plan. “Godmodding” and “Metagaming” are bad in SL role play gaming because they try to get around this vital collaboration between people that is the go-to thing in RP. I speak as a former reflexive metagamer.

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