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Every month, well quarter actually and sometimes weekly or bi-weekly…well anyway, regularly or when needed the SL Blogger Support Team has meetings. To catch up, talk about what we can do to enchance the group ánd this website for our members and we drink wine brainstorm a lot.

Last meeting we celebrated, modestly, that we are about to reach the 1300th member and we pondered on how to avoid getting the group killed by its own success.
We love all our members and even though at times things happen – like an overheated groupchat or a flood of applications because a big event is coming up, we still try to focus on being a group that offers SUPPORT for bloggers.

And this is an important topic. SL Blogger Support was founded, by Katya, with the intention to offer support. To bloggers. And build bridges between creators and bloggers. And we think we managed to do that very well, thanks to the awesome blogger community!

Oceania Pananas Home

Picture by Nannja Panana – on Flickr

The past months though we have seen things shifting, in group-chat mainly and in the applications for new members. It all seems to focus on ‘early access’ and ‘preview access’ to events. And to be honest, this saddens us a bit. Surely, getting early access to events is a perk we appreciate and we do understand it is wonderful to shop in relative peace, when you have blog deadlines or limited time in Second Life.
But the early shopping- or preview accesses is not what SL Blogger Support is all about. It is part of it, but not the main theme. We want to bring bloggers and creators and event organisers together for better communication and help each-other out. Be it for help with a blog, photography, how to get more followers, where to find awesome locations for photo shoots etc. etc.

When the focus, and in some cases..the only reason to join us is to get early access to events, we are losing the initial ideal and losing support.

Again: we love and appreciate the early accesses and are grateful for it.

However, we felt we needed to address some of the side-effects (the amount of applications as soon as a major event is in sight and in a few cases some people actually complaining about some events not giving us access before the crowds come in).


Picture by Bird Luik – on Flickr

We have – and yeah we hate the word ‘rule’ as much as you do – sent out some rules to event organisers and creators. We also close applications (as in, we will not handle them) the week before a large event opens and open them again as soon as the event is open to the public (example: Hair Fair).

So what are them rules for event organisers, well here they are:

➸ Notices are only used for Blogger Early Access – This is a hard fast rule. This means no notices for looking for bloggers, etc. We have an application process for this on the website.
➸ Please specify dates and times when posting, and landmarks should be included in the notecards.
➸ Please specify if bloggers are allowed to ask for review copies or if the event is ONLY for early shopping.
➸ Do not send out notices for sales, hunts, or upcoming events. There are groups for that in Second Life.
➸ Please keep it to a minimum of two notices a round. We do not want to overload our members with notices.

Not too bad eh?

Paid Positions/Vacancies
Also, since the past weeks we noticed we got questions on how to make our members aware of paid positions (like Blogger Managers or PR Managers). We now have this covered in the form on the website here, so creators/event organisers can now also post that they have a vacancy for a paid position. If you are unsure, or have question on how to get your vacancy known, feel free to ask Ember Adored or Caitlin Tobias on how to proceed!

We don’t want to smack everyone with rules and policies, but we do hope you understand that with a (lovely!) community as we have, we need to have some stuffs organised – to keep us sane and keep you all happy!

Happy blogging!

Photos in this post are from members who added them in our own Flickr Group and who have set the publishing rights to sharing :).


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7 Comments on “Stuff from the SL Blogger Support Team

  1. Thank you for all that you do do ~ am in agreement with the comment about this is not just a group for early access ~ yes it is nice but I like this group for just what it is Support ~ thank you

  2. One of the best things about the group is the support and being able to ask questions and help each other out. Yea early access is great but the help and support will always outweigh early access and that is why people should join the group.

    Thank you everyone for making this a awesome group to be part of and a big thank you and lots of wine to Ember, Caitlin, Katya and everyone who manages to keep us going in the right direction. ❤

  3. Early Access is nice, but I enjoy the support more than anything in this group. I’ve learned a lot of techniques from people, which has definitely made a difference. I continue to learn and grow. However, it’s nice to know there is a support system to help with that growth. 🙂

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