Thank you for 2016 and looking forward to 2017!

2017 is getting near and Christmas only a day away….!

I want to thank everyone for the past year. Your help and sharing your experiences in our inworld group, the blogposts and articles by guest authors, the feedback and support to our Support Team to make our group even better along the way. It was amazing and I feel proud and honoured to be a part of this group.

Of course I want to give my personal thanks to Katya; for founding this community and trusting me to take over her tasks, which I cannot do without the help of the Team and all of our members.

Let It Snow!

Let it Snow, by Juris Gergmanis on Flickr

2016 was a good and exciting year for us. Not only did we grow in numbers, but also we saw members helping each-other out, making us a true community of SL Bloggers!

For 2017 we have some awesome things to come. Not everything is worked out yet, but as a heads up, be prepared to be asked to participate some more!
We want to do field-trips, photography challenges, blog challenges, articles by guest writers ánd  most of all: we will work on getting the focus back to what our group is all about: sharing and caring.

being home for christmas

Being home for Christmas by Flubs on Flickr

It is no secret that we have seen a shift in reasons why people join us: the early access to shopping events is in many cases the only motivation to join our community.
While we will always love and appreciate this privilege, in 2017 we will really try to go back to our roots. It may even mean, but we are not sure on how to work on this: that the early accesses will be limited.
Another thing is that we will clean up our member-list, and be more strict, e.g. inactive bloggers will be removed and so will people who have not logged into Second Life for 6 months. Re-applying after a return is always possible! To be honest: we do not need inactive members, just so we can say we have #amount of members.
Of course we will keep you all informed, via notices and this website!

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers by Precious Orchid on Flickr

For now I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017 with lots of blogging and good times, in SL and RL !

Muah’s and happy blogging!




2 Comments on “Thank you for 2016 and looking forward to 2017!

  1. Sounds like the upcoming year will have some great things to look forward to ~ thank you for all you each do hugzz & Merry Christmas

  2. I am excited by the many things coming in the New Year and am grateful for the past many that we have all shared together. Thank you Caitlin and everyone at SL Bloggers Support, I so look forward to getting to know you all so much better in the future.

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