Welcome to the [SL] Blogger Support Head Quarters!

Something we have always wanted, but never gotten to do: create an inworld presence for our group. A real [SL] Blogger Support Head Quarters, a place where our members can meet up, hang out, spend time together and share tips and tricks or just chill. A place where we can organise blogger-related events, or just socialise.

Well, thanks to John Brianna (johannes1977.resident) and Eleseren Brianna  from Kultivate Magazine and Windlight Art Gallery, we have our very own, inworld SLBS Head Quarters!
John has generously offered us a parcel on his sim, for us to have our HQ, for which we are very grateful!

Here is the SLURL: SLBS Head Quarters in Second Life

The HQ is open to all, and since this is all new and I have not been inworld for some days due to Real Life, it is a bit empty and seems under-decorated. We are still working on it, it is brand new!

Though, we will probably not decorate it that much, as we want to give our members the option to rezz, for unpacking or such.

[SL] Blogger Support Head Quarter - II

House rules

With land, and allowing members to rezz (wear your tag), comes rules. Not complicated ones, but still I would like to point out the following:

      • The sim is rated Moderate, please refrain from Adult activities
      • We have neighbours, be nice and respectful
      • When you have rezzed objects, pick them up when you are done! We will do cleaning up rounds for leftover objects, but if we find someone leaving stuff frequently, this will end up with a warning, and for repeat offenders: consequences
      • No rezzing of objects larger than our parcel – so no homes, skyboxes etc. Common sense please, it is an office – not a sandbox!


[SL] Blogger Support Head Quarter - I

Want to organise something?
We are going to plan some social and blogger events soon, any ideas are always welcome!

If you want to organise something – like a class on organising your inventory, or how you create certain things on your blog etc, feel free to contact any of the Support Team Members so we can arrange this for you.

Don’t be shy!

See you soon @ the SLBS HQ!


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