Need a challenge?

One thing we, Second Life Bloggers, need from time to time is a nice challenge. A topic or theme to get our inspiration going and perhaps even do something that is out of our comfort zone.

For those of you in need of inspiration, and also for anyone wanting to try out something they usually do not think of: why not do a post inspired by the  Fantasy Faire 2017 – in their blogger challenge?

FF 2017 - Kakushi Pasu - II

I know, we do not usually promote events in blogposts on our site, but The Fantasy Faire is an annual event, 15 sims with shops and each sim has his own theme; perfect for pictures and blogging inspiration.

Also, The Fantasy Faire is a Relay for Life event, the biggest in SL, and the reason why we as SL Blogger Support love to give it attention (not to mention they graciously gave our group early access before opening last thursday).

FF 2017 - Fallen Sands - II

You can find the challenges here,  a fun reason to get off your platform and do something wild and out of the ordinary!

Oh and why not try a vlog or video?


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