Oh those summer nights…

Let me start this blogpost by wishing you all a wonderful, warm, sunny and relaxed summer. And for those one the other side of the globe, dealing with winter…hang in there and cuddle up with blankets, hot beverages and fireplaces!

Typically the months of July and August are somewhat quiet when it comes to updates from us and the blogger community – as lots of people enjoy the outdoors and are spending less time online.

This does not mean we, the team of SL Blogger Support, are not available or undercover! We keep on working with designers and event coordinators and we are also making plans for the coming months. Plans and events which will help you, Second Life Blogger, to keep doing what you love!


From a personal note, I have been offline from Second Life for a few months, due to personal Real Life reasons, but knew the support team and all of our members kept on continueing the hard work. I am back now and – as always – open to feedback, questions, suggestions etc.

For now I want you to know, all of you!: YOU  are awesome, you are supportive, you are a valuable community member  and you will get to hear and read more from us!
Maybe not during summer season, but keep an eye on our group-chat and this website. Autumn will mark the beginning of all kinds of new, interesting and worthwhile topics!

Happy vacation/summer season to all of you and…keep blogging!
Oh and our inworld group is always running, don’t be shy: keep asking!

Here is where you find the SL Blogger Support Team Members!


and then there is this…enjoy!


One Comment on “Oh those summer nights…

  1. Reblogged this on Cait's World and commented:

    Took her bowling in the Arcade
    We went strolling; drank lemonade
    We made out under the dock
    We stayed out till ten o’clock
    Summer fling don’t mean a thing
    But, uh oh, those summer nights

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