How to Grow Your Blog

Are you a new blogger? Are you wondering how to get the word spread out about your blog? Hello everyone, Keliah here contributing for the first time on SL Blogger Support and I’m super excited to be a part of this wonderful project. We all blog for different reasons and different things and maybe a wide audience isn’t as important to you as it is to some. If it is, and if you want to grow your blog, then here are some tips to bring your blog to that next level and… Read More

Should there be proper etiquette for designer’s managers?

I decided to write a post regarding the proper etiquette of a designer’s ‘blogroll manager’. Or, if in fact, we should write a guide on how one should treat their bloggers and what they should expect from them? I was recently approached by a designer’s blogroll manager and asked to join their blogger’s group. Now, I had warned this person in advance that I am really behind and would not be able to blog this designer’s item anytime soon. After much forewarning to a manager with a seriously pushy attitude (this should have a been a HUGE warning sign), I agreed… Read More