MadPea International Food Fair, Feb 18th-March 4th

The MadPea Internation Food Fair is the latest event from MadPea Productions that will be featuring exclusive (and tasty!) goodies from an array of your favorite Second Life™ Designers. 

6º Republic 1st Anniversary Edition May 6th – 20th

  The theme for this round is New York vs London: An old, abandoned, recycled, deteriorated style with a modern spin and industrial background present. This edition will run from May 6th, 12pmSLT through May 20th, 12pmSL. Do bookmark the following links for updates and relevant information. You can also join the in world group here.  *Blog: *Facebook: *Flickr 6º Republic:

How one Second Life blogger niched her blog and got over 85,000 pageviews a month

It’s no secret that I am an advocate for niching – in business and in blogging – and by now you must know I like to support my advice with evidence. Since first writing and advising Second Life bloggers to niche their blogs, I’ve looked for a compelling case study that showed the power of niching your Second Life blog. After a short look; I found it, and it’s MeshBodyAddicts. A couple of months ago, I asked Daria (lildaria resident) to share her direct experience with niching her blog. Daria has been… Read More