Second Life residents share their – mostly accurate – views on intellectual property law

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Originally posted on Canary Beck:
Last month I conducted a survey on NWN asking what users knew about intellectual property. I published an excerpt of results last week on the same site. This is the full version of that post. Generally, I found that most Second Life residents responding to this survey have an accurate view of intellectual property laws. The question that yielded one of the most surprising results revealed that nearly 1/3rd of respondents do not fully agree with the Linden Lab Terms of Service. First things first: I am…

WordPress takes down Second Life Blogger’s snapshots due to SL creator’s DMCA notice

Originally posted on Canary Beck:
One of Eve Kazan’s snapshots (from Flickr) showing Prometheus’ products (robotic arms) and their competitor’s (Neurolab) logo Second Life Blogger Eve Kazan returned from a holiday abroad in Spain to find WordPress had taken down three snapshots she published on her blog post. Prometheus Creations Studio, owned by Second Life resident Irine Abbot, filed the DMCA with WordPress’s owner, Automattic Inc on May 22nd. Creator Irine Abott of Prometheus Creations first communicated with Ms Kazan on May 14th about the alleged infringement of the snapshots she published on April 3, 2014, via Facebook: I was happy…