Location in the Spotlight: Knightfall

It has been too long since I’ve posted about a blogger- and photographer friendly location, but that does not mean there are none! On the contrary, new locations still pop up and in this time of year lots of other locations are changing to the new season – making them all new again. In this post I will feature a wonderful, medieval park: Knightfall. A lovely decorated park, with castles and bridges, rivers and forests in both lush green and a snowed mountain top. I did not have the time to speak… Read More

It all starts with a smile – Autumn Photography contest!!

Everybody is invited to the big photography contest at It all starts with a smile!! ^^ ~ Anyone who has a camera can join in the fun! 🙂 ~ Contest is proudly sponsored by – Dead Dollz, – Revival, – Aphorism!, – GOOSE, – LW Poses, – Deadwool, – Kunst, – Ariskea * Winners can win cash! – 3000L$ (1st place), – 2.000L$ for the 2nd runner up and – 1.000L$ for the 3rd. placer in cash Our amazing sponsors have also provided storecredit or giftcards for the lucky winners so the… Read More

Location in the Spotlight: [Elysion]

In my series of ‘Location in the Spotlight’ I always look for places that are blogger/photography friendly and easily accessible – in most cases this means I feature sims that are open to the general public and usually M or G rated, though sometimes I write about the occasional Adult rated place (like Binemist). This time I have chosen to feature a gorgeous location, [Elysion], which is not only Adult rated but also a ‘members only’ place. Meaning, you need to join the [Elysion]  group, and pay a fee of 650 LS) … Read More