Bloggers Challenge – teach me something

When I was growing up in Second Life, there were many creators and bloggers that shared information along the way. I remember the first time I read on the Luminosity store blog that you Shift Drag to make a copy of a prim, I shared that information with Fiachra, it changed his creative life. Most of the tips and tricks we learn along the way are shared, back and forth, but of late there is less sharing on blogs, and more just throwing them in the air in group situations…and while that is… Read More

Know their Product

So this is my first post on the Second Life Bloggers Support blog. The topic of today’s post comes from sitting on the many sides of the Hexagon, that is Second Life. As a blogger you want to broaden your range, you discover a store, and you believe you have a tried and true method of communication. The problem is, that tried and true method can let you down, and you may not know it. Take the time to know how a Designer wishes to be communicated with. If a creator had time… Read More

Thank you for 2016 and looking forward to 2017!


2017 is getting near and Christmas only a day away….! I want to thank everyone for the past year. Your help and sharing your experiences in our inworld group, the blogposts and articles by guest authors, the feedback and support to our Support Team to make our group even better along the way. It was amazing and I feel proud and honoured to be a part of this group. Of course I want to give my personal thanks to Katya; for founding this community and trusting me to take over her tasks,… Read More