Make your own interactive panoramic pictures in Second Life

Originally posted on Jo Yardley's Second Life:
Illiastra Ascendent (nvzn Resident) (aka James Reichert) who has been experimenting with 360 degrees videos and photography within virtual reality and specifically Second Life, has now developed a system that allows you to make interactive panoramic pictures yourself. The Illiastra Panoramic Camera System (click) will allow you to record and then edit screenshots you take in Second Life into one large panoramic picture that allows you to interactively look around with your mouse. A wonderful way to give people an impression of what your sim in…

“Handy tips for Bloggers” – by Shari Cortes


This weeks guest-writer on SL Blogger Support is the lovely Shari Cortes, a fellow blogger and member of our group, who has some handy tips for all of us!   Hi, I am Shari and I have been a Blogger Manager for over 2 years for 7 Deadly s{K}ins and during that time also an Events Manager, and Event Blogger Manager, I am also a Store Manager and have been involved in the Retail Industry in Real Life and Second Life for more years than I care to think about!  I was… Read More

Our 1300th group-member!


No, we have never celebrated milestones when it comes to members, but hey…you have got to start somewhere, right? While working on the new member applications the other day, I noticed we have reached 1300 members.Over 1300 of wonderful, helpful, lovely, creative, blogging-enthusiasts. How cool is that!? So why not celebrate and be happy and appreciate this? Our 1300th member is Cate Footman (her blog) and we welcome her. We are humbled, every week, when seeing the applications to our group and the support we see happening in our group-chat. YOU ALL… Read More