Sources of light : projectors in second life

Originally posted on Fashion Pixels:
I played with light projectors this morning in Second Life. And I wanted to share little tips for second life photographers and photo enthousiasts. Since my past SL lights tutorial, a lot has changed. Material introduction enhanced avatars’ appearance a lot. Light reflects over prim surfaces and mesh avatars’ skin, even on mesh clothes and hair, so here is a new little demo… A projecting prim reflecting in a shiny surface, such as material mesh body and head, exhibits a reflection of the prim’s projected texture. This is…

Need a challenge?

One thing we, Second Life Bloggers, need from time to time is a nice challenge. A topic or theme to get our inspiration going and perhaps even do something that is out of our comfort zone. For those of you in need of inspiration, and also for anyone wanting to try out something they usually do not think of: why not do a post inspired by the  Fantasy Faire 2017 – in their blogger challenge? I know, we do not usually promote events in blogposts on our site, but The Fantasy Faire… Read More

Welcome to the [SL] Blogger Support Head Quarters!

Something we have always wanted, but never gotten to do: create an inworld presence for our group. A real [SL] Blogger Support Head Quarters, a place where our members can meet up, hang out, spend time together and share tips and tricks or just chill. A place where we can organise blogger-related events, or just socialise. Well, thanks to John Brianna (johannes1977.resident) and Eleseren Brianna  from Kultivate Magazine and Windlight Art Gallery, we have our very own, inworld SLBS Head Quarters! John has generously offered us a parcel on his sim, for… Read More