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‘Caitlin Tobias was born in Second Life in August 2007, as an alt from a poker-dealing hostess in a Gambling Palace when poker and gambling ruled Second Life.  An Alt to escape the world of gamblers and all, to explore and enjoy other parts of Second Life.
The gambling and poker casinos are in the past and as such Caity took over as a main account and has ever since filled her Second Life with Katana fighting – being a Samurai Clan Leader from 2008 till 2012- , till the explorer and wannabee fashionista she is today.’

Caity - Portrait sept15

The woman sitting at Caity’s keyboard is me:   a self-employed Social Media Consultant, giving in-company workshops on how to use Social Media and/or taking care of it on their behalf. I am also a ‘ghost-writer’ for several global companies (internal) blogs, writing mostly about the impact of Social Media for diverse branches.
Due to this background, Caity as a Second Life resident, naturally has this passion for anything relating to Social Media. While I  am in Second Life for relaxing and escaping the Real Life daily stress, Caity will always have that background and willingness to share tips and tricks when it comes to Second Life blogging and Second Life on Social Media.

My own blog, Caits World, is all about destinations, mixed with the occasional personal rant/vent/pondering.

Since November 2014 I have been a contributor on the [SL] Blogger Support site, on which I write articles on how to improve readership and audience on your blog and focus on the use of various social media platforms.
Per October 2016 I have taken over the ownership and general Management for SL Blogger Support from founder Katya Valeska – as she had to step down for personal/real life reasons. I am still excited about this role, even though my goal is to keep on doing what we – the SL Blogger Support Team – have been doing, as there is no point in fixing something that ain’t broken!

If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) about SL Blogger Support on this site, feel free to IM me or;

You can find me online on all these places:

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The featured image on this post, as well as my portrait are made by Skip Staheli

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