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Communication, what works best for you?


Now the new year has started, albeit a bit slow because of wine…err…reasons, I would love to start with asking you something important!

As you may have read in my previous blog-post, we have some great plans and ideas for 2017 with our amazing group and of course we cannot do this alone. We need your input and feedback!

The first thing I wish to tackle is : what is the best way to communicate our plans, updates, news etcetera to you?
Of course we have this website, on which we have lots of information already – and which will remain the main source of information, but I am talking about the fast and quick topics like updates on memberships, us asking for your help or input on something, changing of rules/guidelines and updates concerning our website. You name it, the kind of news you do not always need a full article about on this site and also (perhaps) to minimize the amount of group-notices we now send in-world.

Communication - II - A [SL] Blogger Support blogpost

Communication is important, but it is pointless if we just post blogs and send out note-cards which are not read or completely missed for other reasons;  so I am thinking to use other platforms as well – to keep it easy and clear for all when there has been some changes or we want you to inform you about an issue/change/idea/plan concerning our group.

Please take a few minutes to fill in the poll below, to give us a general idea what would work best for all of us, we will then have a better insight to start working on it!
(Again, please keep in mind – while answering  – this is about short, quick items – all important and long term news will always be published on this website!)

Thanks in advance and happy blogging!


Pics in this article are shot in the office space of the Nancy Redgrave Building.





Thank you for 2016 and looking forward to 2017!


2017 is getting near and Christmas only a day away….!

I want to thank everyone for the past year. Your help and sharing your experiences in our inworld group, the blogposts and articles by guest authors, the feedback and support to our Support Team to make our group even better along the way. It was amazing and I feel proud and honoured to be a part of this group.

Of course I want to give my personal thanks to Katya; for founding this community and trusting me to take over her tasks, which I cannot do without the help of the Team and all of our members.

Let It Snow!

Let it Snow, by Juris Gergmanis on Flickr

2016 was a good and exciting year for us. Not only did we grow in numbers, but also we saw members helping each-other out, making us a true community of SL Bloggers!

For 2017 we have some awesome things to come. Not everything is worked out yet, but as a heads up, be prepared to be asked to participate some more!
We want to do field-trips, photography challenges, blog challenges, articles by guest writers ánd  most of all: we will work on getting the focus back to what our group is all about: sharing and caring.

being home for christmas

Being home for Christmas by Flubs on Flickr

It is no secret that we have seen a shift in reasons why people join us: the early access to shopping events is in many cases the only motivation to join our community.
While we will always love and appreciate this privilege, in 2017 we will really try to go back to our roots. It may even mean, but we are not sure on how to work on this: that the early accesses will be limited.
Another thing is that we will clean up our member-list, and be more strict, e.g. inactive bloggers will be removed and so will people who have not logged into Second Life for 6 months. Re-applying after a return is always possible! To be honest: we do not need inactive members, just so we can say we have #amount of members.
Of course we will keep you all informed, via notices and this website!

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers by Precious Orchid on Flickr

For now I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017 with lots of blogging and good times, in SL and RL !

Muah’s and happy blogging!



News and stuff from the [SL] Blogger Support Team


It is about time for some updates from the [SL] Blogger Support Team, as we do work behind the scenes to make sure our group is what is should be: a support network to help and guide all SL Bloggers!

To start,  I would like to thank Sunshine (sunshine.zhangsun) so much,  for all the time and efforts she has spend as a very much appreciated team-member. Due to reasons she has decided to step down and leave the Support Team, but she will surely stay as a group member and as such it is not a real goodbye! Big hugs to her!


Resting by Amy Beebe

As the group is still growing, we needed to fill in the gap left by Sunshine and Katya, so I am happy to announce that we found two new team-members: Lainey Thorne and Sasy Scarborough. I am sure you will join me in welcoming them and allowing them some time to get familiar with our ‘behind-the-scenes-work’. In January -when the madness and dust of the Holiday season has settled down – we will have another team-meeting and (re)define our roles and tasks.
In case anyone wonders, no….we did not do a new application round for new team-members; because we still had up-to-date applications from the previous round (last year) and I decided to approach Lainey and Sasy based on theirs, which I kept in file.
You can read all about Lainey and Sasy on the Team pages!

So, that was the news, now the other stuff!

As said, we are a fast growing group. We currently have, as I write this, well over 1400 members. All bloggers, creators and event organisors (many of which in more than one role) and this is really awesome. A true community of SL Residents all sharing something in common: Blogging.
Be it Fashion (by far the largest part), Art, Exploring, Opinions and Home and Garden etcera. A group to be proud of!

The main objective of our group has been and always will be: sharing experiences and helping each other out to enhance our blogging and therefore our overall Second Life.
And we will keep on focusing on this objective.

Winter Secret

Winter Secret by Juris Bergmanis

On Track
Which brings me to the following. The struggle on how to make sure a group as ours will keep going the way it was envisioned as it was founded by Katya.
We have seen shifts in reasons why bloggers want to join us. While, thankfully, most of our members join us for exactly what we are: a sharing community, there is also a large group who wants to join us only because it will give them access preview to events.
And yes, we do love to be able to give our members this perk, this privilege. But it should not be the sole reason to be in our group.
I admit I am not sure yet on how we can keep ‘us’ on track. It is something I will discuss with the Support Team, but in meantime: if you have any awesome ideas on how to make our group an even better community for sharing and caring, feel free to comment with your thoughts!

While it is not easy and certainly NOT the fun part of managing a group of our size, we do have to ask members to abide to some rules. Every new member and event-organisor is handed a note-card with rules and guidelines. And we expect everyone to read and follow them.
Those are not crazy  rules, they are basically more common sense, and over time we have not been very strict in keeping an eye on how things went.
So, what happening is:  the rules and guidelines are not followed. Not just occasionally, but more often than we want.
And this lead us to the following: we really ask and expect our members to abide to the rules and from now on we will look more closely at what is going on. Also, and this is the not-fun part:  we will send warnings when rules are not being followed, ignored etc. No, we do not eject people after a first ‘mistake’ and yes, we are willing to explain and help you doing it better a next time, but we do have to monitor it.
(If you have missed or lost the note-cards I am referring to, please feel free to ask any of our team member for a new copy!)

In case you wonder if something you want to send to,  or share with,  the group, be it in chat or via a notice (for event organisors), and you are not quite sure: please contact one of the team members and just ask!
We are not  difficult to approach, we don’t bite (often…) and even though we have these dreaded rules, we are always open to suggestions and want to think WITH you to find a solution for whatever your topic or question is.
We just need to make sure we do not spam our members or, and this is a big deal: make it seem as if we have different rules for different members. All are equal, no-one is more equal than others.

A Christmas Card

A Christmas Card by Kylie Jaxxon

The coming weeks I will post some more, on proposals and ideas to enhance our group experience, but for now I want to wish you all – on behalf of the [SL] Blogger Support Team – a wonderful, happy, festive month with awesome Holidays and lots of cool blog-posts!

Happy blogging!

The pictures used in this blogpost are submitted to our very own Flickr group and had ‘sharing’ enabled. Feel free to add your pictures to this group but make sure they are within the specific rules :).