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The show goes on…

Yesterday, I made the announcement that I would be stepping down from the [SL] Blogger Support and handing over the reigns to Caitlin and the rest of the team. This decision did not come lightly, since this group had been a part of my life for over four years. For the past year or so, I have barely blogged, due to RL and other obligations, but I have still watched as the group has grown and flourished.

When the group first came to fruition, it was a gamble. The blogger community was large, but not as large as it is now. I had been following the shirt tales of bloggers such as Strawberry Singh, Gorgeous Yongho, Harlow Heslop, and others to name a few. I was a newbie to blogging as well when this group started, still getting my feet wet and learning all the different ways on how to maneuver myself in this community. Second Life is a large and thriving, complex and diverse atmosphere that is in constant change. Events come and go, stores close, new stores open. People change, who is hot one day is no longer a month later. One mis-step in this world, you can be cast off, or escalated into notoriety.

The group was meant to be a place where bloggers and designers could come together to talk about writing, photography, shopping and tutorials. As the group started to grow and move forward, we emphasized challenges, encouraged new sims, new stores and brought a chance for designers and events to search for amazing bloggers. We expanded into social media: Facebook, Plurk, Flickr, etc. We have had contributors to write blogs on the website, team members in the group to moderate and help. We’ve had lively discussions on what is correct, or not correct, and even there has been squabbles.

Another thing that the support group stepped into was a chance for events to utilize the group for advance blogger days. A chance for bloggers to shop early at events, as long as rules were applied and everything was respected. I have enjoyed allowing this feature to happen, but at the same time I am saddened by it. The group is a place for bloggers to learn, and come together, not to gain access to events. I don’t want to go on a soapbox, but if this is what this has become, then I believe we have lost sight on what blogging and shopping used to be. I do believe the community is better than that.

But enough about that – Thank you to all that have made this group amazing and great, and have built this world into an ever-evolving life.

With love,



It all starts with a smile – Autumn Photography contest!!


Everybody is invited to the big photography contest at It all starts with a smile!! ^^

~ Anyone who has a camera can join in the fun! 🙂

~ Contest is proudly sponsored by
– Dead Dollz,
– Revival,
– Aphorism!,
– LW Poses,
– Deadwool,
– Kunst,
– Ariskea

* Winners can win cash!
– 3000L$ (1st place),
– 2.000L$ for the 2nd runner up and
– 1.000L$ for the 3rd. placer in cash

Our amazing sponsors have also provided storecredit or giftcards for the lucky winners so the winner will end up with over 15.000 lindens worth of prizes!

~ Pictures of the sim that have already been uploaded on Flickr before the said event can be used and added to the group in order to participate BUT you can only enter 3 pictures for the contest.

~ In order to join kindly add your picture(s) in this Flickr group:

– Please tag your pictue with “IASWAS autumn contest”

~ Last day to submit your picture is on sunday the 23th of October 2016.

~ Please observe the follwing:
* Each participant may only submit three photographs.
* Pictures HAVE to be taken at It all starts with a smile.
* The pic may contain avatars and doesn’t need to be just a landscape shot
* Editing your pictures in Photoshop or any other program isn’t required at all.
(a good raw shot will have just as much chance to win)
* And lastly no porn, please be respectful

Here’s your Taxi:…/22

Have lots of fun snapping pictures!

~ Winners will be announced in the first week of November

Let’s talk about Feeds and Flickr!


Here at SL Blogger Support we always try to come up with tips and advice to support the blogger community of Second Life. Instead of writing another article, or wall of text if you will, with a list of ‘things a blogger needs to know/do/no do’, I would like to ask YOU, the bloggers of Second Life, to help eachother.

There are a few questions that seem to return on a regular basis, in groupchat and on other platforms (e.g. Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and Flickr), mainly regarding the fashion-blogs: 1) the amount of views/favs/followers some designers require when one wants to apply for a brand and 2) the number of SL Feeds a blog needs to be syndicated in.

Some, not all, creators/designers, only want bloggers who have – let’s say, a minimum of 1000 views per picture on Flickr and their blog needs to be in ‘several’ feeds.

I am not going to beat around the bush, but the requirement of having 1000 views (it is an example, don’t pin me down on it) is what makes people ‘re-post’ their images on Flickr several times a week/day, in some cases even every couple of hours. Desperate to get the required views. The downside of this is: followers get annoyed by seeing the same picture over and over again and the risk is that one loses followers, rather than gaining some.

Then there is the thing about Feeds. 
Feeds were the bomb, till 3 or 4 years ago. A wonderful way to follow and keep up to date with several blogs in one read, simple and easy. But face it, by now feeds are somewhat…not of this time anymore. Social Media took over, we can follow all kinds of other platforms to keep ourselves informed. Times and the way we get our information has changed.

I am not at all thinking I know it all, just because I personally get annoyed by re-posted pics on Flickr, or the fact that *I* do not follow any feeds anymore, doesn’t mean this is the blog-law!


So I have some polls and invite you to answer, just to see – and perhaps get a nice discussion – what bloggers (and thus creators) may need to make blogs work for all.

Feel free to give your view in the comments, keeping it nice!, and in a few weeks I will make a round-up from the polls and the discussions🙂. I am not going to make a full report on this, the polls are merely to get some discussion started and sharing of experiences, and hopefully this will lead to some insights and great ideas for us all to benefit from.
Of course you can skip polls if they do not apply to you!

Note:  the polls are completely anonymous, nobody will know who answers what – no really, we cannot not see that! – , so no need to be scared or cautious!

(The polls/questions are indeed catered to bloggers and not creators, I will keep that for another article, no worry! Also, this is by no means to judge requirements and applications from creators/blogger managers!)