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Tell us….how do you prepare?

Time flies when you are having fun, and it flies even faster in Second Life, or so it feels! After the busy holidays it is always nice to have some quiet times to return to the normal, daily business of blogging and taking pictures, wether it is for home and decor, art or fashion.

Around this time of year the big annual events are coming in sight, besides the monthly ones, such as the Skin Fair, Hair Faire, Shoetopia and the Fantasy Faire (to name a few, I am sure there are more!).


My question to you is, dear bloggers and experts, how do you prepare for those big events? Do you save up Linden Dollars and make room in your inventory? Do you keep track of the WIP’s (work in progress) announcements from designers, so you can add them to your wish-list? Are you scouting in advance for those perfect locations to do your photo-shoots for when the time has come? Do you look for maps and figure out how to quickly do your shopping trip? Do you roam an event in a specific order, clockwise or not? We all have our ways, so…..


Tell us, in the comments or in a blogpost on your own blog (and please link it in the comments!):
How you prepare and what is your advice for your fellow bloggers, new or experienced?

I am looking forward to your tips and tricks! Happy shopping and blogging!

Exclusive for  The Darkness Monthly Event March

The Darkness Monthly Event Exclusive by AlmaGris Bouvier on Flickr



Image credits:
Banner pic by myself, Golden Delta sim at the Fantasy Faire 2016
The other images are all submitted to our Flickr group and have permission set to sharing.

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Bloggers Challenge – teach me something


When I was growing up in Second Life, there were many creators and bloggers that shared information along the way. I remember the first time I read on the Luminosity store blog that you Shift Drag to make a copy of a prim, I shared that information with Fiachra, it changed his creative life. Most of the tips and tricks we learn along the way are shared, back and forth, but of late there is less sharing on blogs, and more just throwing them in the air in group situations…and while that is helpful, it is only helpful to those present at the time.

We all have different readers, so even if the same information is shared, it is going to be beneficial to different people, they in turn go on to share that information, or just learn from it in a way that changes their SL going forward. It is what we as bloggers should be doing as often as possible. Even if you have seen it blogged in the past that ctrl 0 zooms in your camera and ctrl 9 returns it to normal, there is someone that joined Second Life right this second that did not know, wouldn’t it be great if it was your blog that told them first.

So the challenge is, teach something to your readers, it can be as detailed or as simple as you like, it can be something that someone else also shares on their post, because the more we provide information that helps others, the more we grow as a community of really awesome people.

If you do this challenge, feel free to use the image included to show that you are doing the challenge and that your readers know that that post is going to teach them something. It might also encourage your readers to comment and teach you something in return.

If you do a challenge, please include the link in the comments below, would love to learn from you all.

Sasy Scarborough