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Photography Contest for The Arcade!

The Arcade is a quarterly gacha event, with events planned in September, December, March, and June. Sponsored by Avenue Magazine, Collabor88, The Grove Country Club Estates, Intrigue Co., Sleepy Bones and Tableau, The Arcade gacha event features an eclectic mix of designers with proven quality. Designated themes for each seasonal event will ensure exclusive, original content that will set this event apart from others. The first session will begin September 15th, and will have no theme. Creators are encouraged to make whatever inspires them.

***** Photography Contest *****

To celebrate our inaugural event, The Arcade invites you to
commemorate a month of shopping, fun and exploration with our
photography contest, presented by Adorkable Poses. Fun, nostalgic,
 quirky or dramatic; alone or in couples and groups – Submit any sort 
of photo you want, so long as it includes at least five pieces from your 
gacha loot. Details below:

1st Place:

• You and a friend get to bypass the lines and lag for early access 
into The Arcade for our next gacha event (December, 2012)
• L$2,500 store credit at Adorkable Poses
• Your photo featured on The Arcade’s website

2nd Place:

• L$1,000 store credit to Adorkable Poses
• Your photo featured on The Arcade’s website

3rd Place:
• L$500 store credit to Adorkable Poses
• Your photo featured on The Arcade’s website

Contest opens: Saturday, September 15, 2012
Contest closes: Monday, October 15, 2012
Winners announced: Saturday, October 20, 2012

• Your photo must showcase a minimum of five items purchased from The
 Arcade. The creators and/or brands behind these items should be
 credited in your photo’s description.
• Models must use poses from Adorkable Poses
• There’s no limit to the number of photos you may submit, but each 
photo must be submitted by one resident only. Duplicate entries for 
the same photo are not allowed.
• Photos should be tasteful. No nudity.

• Each photo must be submitted via Flickr and added to The Arcade’s
 photo pool. Only members of the group can add to the pool,
 so if you haven’t yet joined The Arcade’s Flickr group, you can do so
• Your photo must be titled, “The Arcade Photography Contest” and needs to include your first and last (SL) name.
• By entering the contest, you acknowledge that The Arcade may use 
your submitted image(s) for promotional purposes and in marketing

Submitted images will be judged on originality, technical excellence,
 composition, overall impact and artistic merit. All decisions made by
 the judges are final. The Arcade team and employees of event sponsors 
are not eligible to win prizes.


How to Grow Your Blog

Are you a new blogger? Are you wondering how to get the word spread out about your blog? Hello everyone, Keliah here contributing for the first time on SL Blogger Support and I’m super excited to be a part of this wonderful project.

We all blog for different reasons and different things and maybe a wide audience isn’t as important to you as it is to some. If it is, and if you want to grow your blog, then here are some tips to bring your blog to that next level and really spread the word about who you are and what your blog is about.

1.)    Get Fed! There are a lot of blog enthusiast out there. So enthused that some started blog feeds. Many second life residents do their shopping by perusing blog feeds. If your blog is fed on one of these feeds, then your entries are going to be more available to a broader audience than standing alone. Sign up for feeds and have your blog syndicated.(Tip: Check out the blog roll sidebar for a list of feeds!)

2.)    Start talking about it! We all know blogging is not so easy. Blogging requires a lot of time and effort. There’s the putting together of the look, finding the location for the perfect photo, and then the post editing that goes into photographs. Be proud of your work and talk about your blog on social platforms. Talk about it on the Second Life forums, post it on SL Universe. Get a Facebook for your avatar and join the fashion groups. Plurk is a wonderful resource for networking! Many bloggers and designers are on Plurk, so this is a great medium to advertise your blog posts. Don’t forget Twitter!

3.)    Get a Flickr account! Flickr, next to blog feeds, is another tool people use to shop. Not only is it a great platform for creativity, it’s a wonderful place to advertise your blog. Post your pictures on flickr, include a link to the blog post, and there you have it. The

4.)    Don’t forget the little things. Make sure you have a link to your blog in your profile and/or profile picks. Some places have billboard space that you can rent. Include blog links in your signatures on Second Life based forums. Make sure your profiles on social media sites have links to your blog.

So many awesome contests!

So I believe this had to become a blog post because really, people don’t normally read notecards and not everyone is on plurk and not everyone watches Flickr religiously (like I do…I get lost for hours *eep*), but anyway there is so much awesomeness of contests happening!

I highly recommend trying them out. Not only will it help in development of photography skills, but it can really get you out there and win you some awesome prizes!

1. Mon Tissu – by Elie Spot & Anouk Spot

New Blogger Search! Fashion Editorial Photo Contest!

What can you win? –

GRAND PRIZE: You will be added to our official blogger list which gets you free Mon Tissu releases for life! In addition, you will get a 1 hour private shopping spree (you pick the date!). During your spree, we will join you at Mon Tissu and assist you in any way you need, passing anything you ask for. The sim will be closed for this hour, so it will be completely private.

TWO RUNNERS UP: 2500L Mon Tissu store credit each!

Who can enter? –

ANYONE! Unless you are already on our official blogger list!

How to Enter –

We want you to create a fashion editorial-style photograph, showcasing a look that you love. This look must include at least 3 pieces from Mon Tissu, and at least 2 of those pieces must be clothing items (shoes count as clothing). You can wear clothing from other brands as well, but your Mon Tissu pieces must be visible and easy to spot! We will be looking not only at your outfit, but also at the setting, the theme, the perspective, and the quality. We aren’t requiring any post-editing, but we welcome it! A breathtaking image is what we’re after. This can be achieved any number of ways, so be creative! We also want you to write a short paragraph to go along with your image. The writing should support the photography and assist the viewer in understanding the purpose of your image. You can talk about the clothing you’re wearing, you can make up a story about the subject, you can really take this anywhere you like! Let your text show the kind of writing you would pursue on your own blog. Under your paragraph, add your CREDITS! Be sure to credit every piece of clothing, your accessories, shoes, skin, hair, makeup, poses, props and location! Its important to let your readers know about everything you’re using, even if you don’t mention it in your article. Once you have completed your image, writing and credits, you should add your photo to the Mon Tissu Flickr Group ( ) and title it “Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry – (Your Name)”. Paste your paragraph and credits into the description, and submit!

Rules –

You can submit a maximum of 2 entries. Your image(s) must be new, they can’t be recycled. Your text must be original. All entries must be submitted on or before September 19, 2012. If legitimate credits aren’t provided for each item being shown in your image, your image will be disqualified. Crediting is very important as it informs readers and protects creators. Entries must be submitted under the Second Life account name you intend to use for blogging, as all winning prizes will be sent to the account listed in the title of your entry.

*We will be accepting entries now through Wednesday, September 19th, 2012. Winners will be announced on Friday, September 21, 2012.*

2. [PXL] Skins by Hart Larsson

Got Faith?

PXL is proud to announce their very first Flickr contest!
The event will run from NOW until September 16, 2012.
With the winner announced on September 19, 2012 prior to SL midnight time.

The rules are simple but the prizes are awesome!!!

Prizes first:

1st place winner – 10,000L plus choice of a fatpack. AND that is not all. Your picture will be front and center at PXL store and you will also be picked to do a vendor pic for his next skin release!!

2nd place winner – 2500L plus choice of fatpack

3rd place winner – 1500L plus choice of fatpack

Now on to the rules:

– The theme is – Faith! Faith means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Show us what faith means to you.
– The skin must be FAITH! The skin must be purchased and not a blogger review copy.
– No Nudity.
– Max 2 picture submission.
– Post processing is perfectly accepted as long as you do not make major changes to the skin, the skin must look untouched
– If you are chosen as a finalist, please be prepared to submit your transaction history.
– You must post the picture on the PXL flickr site ( )

3. FATE by Damian Fate 

FATEwear Photo Competition

The rules are simple, grab the FATEwear Subscription Gift “Carter” outfit from FATEisland take some photos of the outfit and submit them to the official FATEdesign Flickr group, and whichever photographer’s image is picked will receive the entire launch collection – and that is a LOT of items!

Looking forward to seeing your entries, good luck!