Challenges and Contests, oh my!

Everyone like’s a good challenge now and then and here at the [SL] Support Blog we’re trying to keep up to date with the new and fun inspiration challenges that can get you going. There is an amass array of different types of challenges but without going into so many different ones, I’m just going to point you in the general direction and point out a couple! First off is the newest challenge from Shiloh Selene called “Fifty Shades of Sexy”, inspired by Gogo’s “12 Days of Lingerie” – this challenge will… Read More

Raid Your Closet Challenge is BACK!

Lucie asked me if I would post this for you bloggers and here you go! I’m taking her own words and showing you the awesome new challenge that you can sink your teeth into! Enjoy fellow peeps! Let the Raid begin! Dear Shopping Addict, I, like many in SL, have a rather vast inventory of things I buy and then never even wear or use once! I created this Flickr challenge last year called the Raid Your Closet Challenge (RYCC for short). My blog was born of this challenge, and I (and… Read More

Going Ons

Hey all!  So a lot of stuff has been happening and this blog has gradually started to take off and expand just a bit. There is plenty of more work to be done on it but I wanted to sit back and highlight a few things: Blogger Tutorials: Home for Photoshop, Photography, Windlighting and eventually Mesh-Related articles, as well as Marketing for Bloggers! Blogger Resources: Home for Challenges, Designers Looking for Bloggers, Locations, and Events Within Second Life! As time goes on, these pages will fill up and become an ongoing resource… Read More