Skin deep

Hello peeps as you all know Skin Fair is starting, in case you hadn´t noticed yet, but i find it´s a great way to approach not just Skin Fair but other events that allow a big amount of bloggers for preview, and go thru some of the dos and don´ts for bloggers and how to approach such earlier access. Skin: Glance Eyes:Ikon Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer Freckles: the skinnery 1. Read all the info, most events will have packets of info for the press, some can be quite extensive even, make sure you… Read More

Winter is Coming – A Quick Look at Role-Play Events

Back in the day…yeah I have to start with this (oldie sler here), my main purpose in Second Life wasn’t fashion, or blogging, or taking pictures – it was Roleplay. I’ve written about this before in numerous blogs in the past about my RP experiences so I won’t get into them, but have you noticed the new trend in the “fashion” world? Within the last few months there has been a complete 180 on events and how something that I had found so normal in my existence as an RPer before is… Read More

I blog therefore I shop: Event Organizing part 2

Hi guys here I am again for part 2 of this small series of blog posts. Last time in Event Organizing part 1 I spoke mostly about basic thing you would need to do to get your event on it´s feet, simple basic things anyone can sometimes miss, and a little advise on things that are needed but not really mandatory. This time we talk about organizing again, but mostly in publicizing your event. This post assumes you already did a bunch on the creative front, picking a theme and a date, already have… Read More