Bear with us

Bear with us

The reason for this blogpost (which is an almost direct copy of a notecard I sent inworld to our group a few weeks ago),  from me, being one of the Team Members who  manages this group, the website and everything that comes with it, is to explain something important. We, the team, are very much aware that things are not going as smooth as we want. We have had to deal with missing team-members, real life events happening and a huge! increase of applications to this wonderful group of awesome bloggers. And:… Read More

Promoting your blog via your SL Profile

SL Feed - A blogpost

There are many Social Media platforms out there, for you to use to promote your blog and get feedback and interaction. The big ones we all know; Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and Flickr. But did you know you can use your Second Life Profile as a Social Media network too? It’s free, it is a part of your Second Life account and you will be surprised on how many people actually use it to get information or discover new places, fashion and blogs. As long as you know how to use it –… Read More

Location in the Spotlight: *Frisland*

Frisland - Location in the Spotlight - I

For this article in the series ‘Location in the Spotlight’ I travelled to the winter in *Frisland*, a gorgeous photographer- and blogger friendly location, owned and designed/decoration by three passionate people: Frislanda Ferraris, Annabell Barzane and Charlie Namiboo. *Frisland* is recently transformed to winter, as this is one of those locations following the seasons, so it is quite new as we speak! Of course I didn’t just go there for pictures, but I also had some questions about the background and story of *Frisland*. I am always intrigued by sim names, so… Read More


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