Let’s talk about Feeds and Flickr!


Here at SL Blogger Support we always try to come up with tips and advice to support the blogger community of Second Life. Instead of writing another article, or wall of text if you will, with a list of ‘things a blogger needs to know/do/no do’, I would like to ask YOU, the bloggers of Second Life, to help eachother. There are a few questions that seem to return on a regular basis, in groupchat and on other platforms (e.g. Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and Flickr), mainly regarding the fashion-blogs: 1) the amount… Read More

“The View From the Blogger Manager’s Window” – by Kess Crystal


I was approached some weeks ago now to write an article for SL Blogger Support  about the other side of the fence…the life of a blogger manager. As well as being a blogger myself I was also responsible for the blogging team for both MadPea and SwagBag as part of my past role as Marketing  & PR Director for MadPea. I’ve recently decided to move on from there but as blogging is such a love of mine I am sure it will feature in whatever I do next.  Blogging in Second Life… Read More

Bear with us

Bear with us

The reason for this blogpost (which is an almost direct copy of a notecard I sent inworld to our group a few weeks ago),  from me, being one of the Team Members who  manages this group, the website and everything that comes with it, is to explain something important. We, the team, are very much aware that things are not going as smooth as we want. We have had to deal with missing team-members, real life events happening and a huge! increase of applications to this wonderful group of awesome bloggers. And:… Read More