Make your own interactive panoramic pictures in Second Life

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Illiastra Ascendent (nvzn Resident) (aka James Reichert) who has been experimenting with 360 degrees videos and photography within virtual reality and specifically Second Life, has now developed a system that allows you to make interactive panoramic pictures yourself.

The Illiastra Panoramic Camera System (click) will allow you to record and then edit screenshots you take in Second Life into one large panoramic picture that allows you to interactively look around with your mouse.
A wonderful way to give people an impression of what your sim in SL looks like without them having to download the software, setup an account, create an avatar, find your sim, etc.
And not only will people be able to see your sim without downloading Second Life, they can also see it with the graphics and windlight setting you had in mind when you recorded the picture and no lag.

You can upload these panoramas to Facebook…

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